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FAQs Regarding New Family and MWR Brand

1.  Why did you change the brand?

    To establish a closer connection between what we do and our customers.  Our customers are important to us and we wanted to integrate them directly into the logo. The result is one change – the red line – that now speaks directly to the audiences we serve: Soldiers, Families, Retirees and Civilians.  Another exciting aspect of this new logo is the opportunity for garrisons to customize it by including their garrison name below the logo.

2.  How do we properly speak and write references to the Family and MWR?

    When referencing the brand mark in the spoken word, the following guidelines should be followed to ensure consistent communication at all levels and throughout all mediums:

      • When referencing Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs and services one should speak or write “Family and MWR” (“FMWR” is not acceptable).

3.  Isn’t it going to cost a lot of money for everyone to switch to the new brand?

    We are phasing in the new logo over the next 24 months (two years) to help minimize costs.  We encourage you to deplete your existing inventory of promotional materials you have on hand already.  When ordering new materials, use the new logo. 

    In regards to signage (temporary and permanent), please phase out as much as possible working to reach an end state of only new logoed signage by 24APRIL2012.

4.  Do I need to reprint my business cards?

    No, just use up what you have first and replace with the new logo next time you order.

5.  For those of us who regularly write and present briefs, how do we update the presentation deck signatures?

New MS PowerPoint briefing templates are available at For those at the headquarters level, refer to your normal resources for the updated version. 

6.  What if I have questions about how to use the new brand? Where can I go?

Branding guidelines for the new logo are available at

7.  What was the process for determining the new logo and why wasn’t I able to offer my opinions?

While we tried to capture as many opinions as possible, we weren’t able to reach everyone.  The process was a collaborative effort utilizing numerous touch points consisting of multiple focus groups and surveys with enlisted Soldiers, senior enlisted Soldiers, officers, enlisted spouses, senior enlisted spouses, officer spouses, retirees and civilian employees.   Throughout the effort, the objective was to connect to our customers in a more relevant manner.

8.  Are there different versions of the logo?

Yes.  In addition to the two color standard version, there is also a black/white version and a one color version available.  Usage guidelines and downloadable files of the logo are available at

9.  What size should the logo be?

There are various guidelines with respect to the sizing of the logo.  It is recommended not to reduce the logo below ¾” in width.  We suggest you refer to the Guidelines for correct usage available at

10.  Can the logo overlap other graphics on the design?

No.  Guidelines for the correct usage as well as downloadable files of the logo itself are available at

11.  Is FMWRC going to reimburse us for the old logo tapes we have?  Will there be financial support from FMWRC to replace items on my garrison?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional financial support for costs incurred as a result of this logo change.  This is one of the reasons we are giving garrisons up to two years (24 months) to change out those items that are more costly (i.e. signage, displays, etc.).  With such a long phasing period, budgeting can be forecast to cover these expenses.

12.  Can I print it in solid black on a green background?

Usage guidelines vary depending on printing mediums, photos and layout.  Please refer to the Guidelines available at for printing and usage requirements of the new logo.

13.  How soon is this to be implemented? Are we supposed to completely stop using the "For All of Your Life" tagline and if so, when is the cut-off date for using this slogan?  What do we do with all of our remaining logoed items?

The older “For All Of Your Life” tagline is obsolete as of 24APR2010.  We encourage you to use up your existing promotional supplies and use the new logo for orders and print jobs placed on or after 23APR 2010.  Larger ticket items including garrison signage and displays, should be brand compliant within 24 months or by 24APR2012.

14.  Is there comprehensive list of new logoed items that will be provided from FMWRC?

Not yet.  FMWRC’s Marketing Directorate will be placing a larger bulk order for some items (pens, lapel pins, lanyards and other items) which will be shared with garrisons later this year.  If you have suggestions on items you would like us to consider as a part of this bulk order, please let us know by emailing Joanie Duncan at

15.  What is the expectation of the garrison marketing offices?

The garrison marketing offices are the ‘brand ambassador’ for each garrison and therefore it is their responsibility to share the logo with other MWR programs and services as appropriate.  Each marketing office will assist in the transition effort at the garrison level as we move through this period to ensure all usage is brand compliant.  Please refer to usage guidelines, available at, for additional details regarding the new logo and parameters for use and implementation.

16.  What is the new tagline? What happens to the old tagline "For All Of Your Life"?

When referencing just the tagline in written text or outside of it appearing within the graphical elements of the logo itself, it should read/appear as:   "For Soldiers, Families, Retirees and Civilians".


Wednesday, April 3, 2013
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