Soldier Showdown V Materials

The Soldier Showdown V Esports Tournament begins– July 15, 2023. The tournament features three games: (1) Apex Legends (2) Fortnite (3) Call of Duty Warzone. Four weeks per game with fourth week live streamed on Twitch. Weekly winners receive gift cards as prizes. The goal of the overall tournament is to determine the most skilled battle royale gamer in the Army. The top 12 on the leaderboard after all three games are played for four weeks win prizes and move on to finals at Complexity HQ in Frisco, TX where the Grand Champion will be crowned. Please work closely with your BOSS program and promote this tournament at your garrison. Utilize social media, digital signage, garrison calendars on your website, newsletters, emails etc. to promote the tournament. More items will be added to this collection as they are completed.