Family and MWR Branding

Consistent branding standards drive audience awareness and make our work more efficient. Without these standards, we will confuse audiences and cause more work for ourselves. We need your help to uphold the Family and MWR logo standards, including when we allow a third party to use our logo. When we buy items imprinted with the Family and MWR logo, the contract should include a non-exclusive limited license with branding details. Please report improper logo use to

Our Name and Logo

Figure 1: General purpose Family and MWR logo.

Use “U.S. Army Family and MWR” or “U.S. Army Family & MWR” on marketing collateral designed for external customers, and use “Family and MWR” or “Family & MWR” internally. Our logo for general use is in Figure 1.

This circular logo is for general use on signage, printed and digital media, and other visual communications. The logo and tagline, “Soldiers, Families, Retirees, Civilians” cannot be altered or disassembled.

The standard Family and MWR logo may be used for embroidery image areas 4" or larger. The exception is the front of a polo shirt, where the standard logo should not be over 2.5” in diameter. Where the standard logo in Figure 1 does not fit, use the version in Figure 2. You can use that version on shirts or hats, as well as for promotional items that will not depict the round logo legibly.


Figure 2: Family & MWR logos for embroidery.
MWRLogoEmbroidery1ICON.jpg MWRLogoEmbroidery2ICON.jpg



Figure 3: Family & MWR logo with garrison name.

Figure 3 shows how to include a garrison name with the embroidery logo. Place the garrison name ¼" below the top element, and within the Family & MWR left and right boundaries. The garrison name should not exceed 3" in length. The brand font used is Copperplate.

In addition, all logos on are approved for use. Do not alter or customize approved logos.

Other Family & MWR logo standards to note:

  • Leave space around the logo equal to the height of the MWR letters in the logo.
  • Do not use the logo at less than a ¼” size.
  • Do not place the logo over an image or photo without a white or black background.

“We are the Army’s Home” is Family and MWR’s only authorized slogan.


Using Multiple Logos

When displaying multiple military logos, place the highest-ranking logo on the left, working to the right in descending order. For most documents, the order will be: U.S. Army, Army Material Command (AMC), Installation Management Command (IMCOM), then Family and MWR.

The NEW U.S. Army logo is no longer depicted as the largest. The AMC logo will be 80% as tall as the U.S. Army logo, and IMCOM and MWR logos will be 90% as tall as the AMC logo.

Figure 4 below shows the logo/insignia size ratios. The AMC insignia, the same height as the NEW U.S. Army logo’s height. The IMCOM and Family and MWR insignia are both 90% as tall as the AMC insignia. Figure 5 depicts the proper spacing between logos/insignia, using the U.S. Army tab as a guide. The same invisible horizontal line should run through the center of each logo/insignia.

Note: For external materials, the branding should always include the U.S. Army logo. Internal use can depict the program logo alone. 


Figure 4: Approved logo/insignia heights.
size requirement for logo lockup


Figure 4 demonstrates the size relationship the AMC logo must be to the U.S. Army logo and the IMCOM insignia and the Family and MWR logo. The AMC logo is the same height as the U.S. Army logo, and the IMCOM/Family and MWR are 90% the height of the AMC.

For aesthetic appearance, recommend vertically aligning logos, so they appear as follows:

vertically aligned logos: Army, AMC, IMCOM and Family & MWR


Figure 5 demonstrates the spacing relationship between the U.S. Army Logo and multiple logos. The space between the AMC and IMCOM should be equal to the height of 2 stacked “A’s” of the U.S. Army Logo.


Figure 5: Approved logo/insignia spacing.
spacing requirement double "A" height between each logo


Sponsor and advertiser logos may appear to the right of the Family and MWR logo. They should be shorter than the circular Family and MWR logo. If there are sponsorship levels for a specific event or program, size the logos according to the appropriate sponsorship levels, as shown in Figure 6.


Figure 6: Family & MWR logo with sponsor logos.

sponsor logo sizes example


Our Trademark

“Trademark” is synonymous with “brand.” It is a name or symbol that visually associates the source of goods or services with a certain standard or quality. Variations and inconsistencies can dilute its effect, so using it consistently is crucial.

Here are some things to know:

  • The U.S. Army Family and MWR logo is a registered trademark. Permission to use it for commercial use, in marketing materials, in free or paid advertising, or by any non-federal organization/activity, including non-profits, is required.
  • Official U.S. Army markings, insignia, and symbols (including the U.S. Army Gold Star logo) may not be used in ways that imply endorsement of a commercial or non-federal entity or activity.
  • U.S. Army Family and MWR may withhold licensing of certain products (such as alcohol, tobacco, drug or smoking paraphernalia, firearms, weapons, undergarments, products sexual in nature, food or drink items, cosmetics, and medical devices).

General Logo Guidelines

The following guidance is relevant for use of the Family and MWR logo and the U.S. Army logo—and should be considered when using other logos, as well:

  • Give appropriate spacing between the U.S. Army Gold Star logo or Family and MWR logo and other design elements.
  • Do not stretch or distort logos.
  • Do not overlay logos with other images or designs.
  • Do not overlap different design elements.
  • Do not add or subtract logo design elements.
  • Use only approved logo colors.
  • Do not incorporate other third-party trademarks into designs that contain U.S. Army trademarks (for example, combining Family and MWR with Disney's Mickey Mouse).
  • Do not add drop shadows to logos


The U.S. Army Logo

The U.S. Army logo is made up of two elements: U.S. Army star and U.S. Army text. Do not disassemble the image, alter the font, or use the star outside the logo. If you plan to use a star as a design element in layouts, use a different style from the one that appears inside the logo. The Army Enterprise Marketing Office manages the U.S. Army logo, and all U.S. Army names, emblems, and logos are trademarks of the U.S. Army.

The U.S. Army Brand Portal is the official resource for key branding elements such as logos, templates, images, and brand guidelines:

For more information on the U.S. Army Trademark Licensing Program, contact:

Department of the Army
Army Trademark Licensing Program (ATLP)
Office of the Chief of Public Affairs


Local Branding

Products for local initiatives should, within design and space limitations, clearly brand the item as part of the Army, AMC and IMCOM. The Army, AMC, and IMCOM logos should be used together with the Family and MWR logo in almost all instances.

Slogans or catch phrases that have historical or local heritage are encouraged and authorized for use. Family and MWR branding at the local level should take on the flavor of the local garrison, including the garrison name, as well as slogans such as “Rock of the Marne” or “Home of the Airborne.”

Some Family and MWR-wide programs use standardized logos, such as Warrior Adventure Quest, Warrior Zone, Child and Youth Services, and the Family and MWR-branded restaurant family. Use them when appropriate.


Guidelines for specific use

  • Apparel: Use the Family and MWR logo when using an MWR sub-brand logo.
  • Print (HQ): The Army, AMC, IMCOM, and Family and MWR logos must be used with the program logo.
  • Print (Garrison): Reference the IMCOM brand guidance.
  • Web: All Enterprise Suite of Marketing Capabilities (ESMC) sites have the correct branding. Social Media graphics need the Family and MWR logo on them to identify Family and MWR if they are shared.
  • Digital Signage: Digital sign graphics need the Family and MWR logo on them to identify Family and MWR.